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Data Scientist

Fabien Pardo

My professional career, which I have built from my passion for the Web and Tech, has allowed me to develop dual skills around digital marketing and data, within multiple environments, from start-ups to big business. My training as a Data Scientist now completes a technical base that allows me to contribute effectively to the deployment of complete and efficient data-driven solutions.


2021 Mission of digital transformation project manager

New ERP integration, change management support. At the same time, website redesign management.

2020 Mission of digital transformation project manager

IT project management, needs definition, user-story design with layouts (Figma), testing, creation of educational material about new implemented solutions.

2018-2020 Digital marketing manager

Web user data collection policy definition, build scripts to collect Web user data, data management (analytics and CRM), reporting design (Google Sheets, Google Analytics API). Definition and deployment of traffic acquisition strategy (social media, media buying, advertising).

2016-2017 Web marketing consultant

One-off missions to various Web marketing matters: Website conception (WordPress), creation of content and graphic assets, digital strategy definition.

2015-2016 Web marketing assistant

Build analytics tool of Web site performances (use Google API for auto update). Front-End element development. Design and mockup of new behavior flow for the Web site. Display campaigns monitoring: Adwords, LinkedIn. Technical and graphics support.

Open to work


Web Marketing

Digital Transformation



2021 Paris – Data scientist bootcamp

Creation of an application for detecting disease on plants, thanks to Deep-Learning.

2015 Paris – Web development bootcamp

Build a clone of Airbnb and a Web app that recommends bars by geolocation, based on proximity, beer price and Web reviews.

2011-2014 Paris ‒ Web marketing specialization (bachelor)